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Level 1 - TOK Corporate Center 459 Toorak Rd. Toorak, 3143, Victoria, Australia
Scientific findings by Dr Tina Karu has identified other types of photoacceptors of laser light within the 600nm to 1000nm wavelengths, beside Cytochrome C oxidase , which helps to explain the versatility of effects caused by LLLT as a supportive biomodulating therapy for all types of tissues and non-healing wounds and ulcers, particularly in diabetic patients, who have impaired healing (Hopkins et al 2004). The first line of defence in non-healing tissues and bone is to support the cell mitochondria , which is responsible for producing 95% of the cells energy and this vital function is the first , primary action of LLLT , which is then followed by secondary extra-cellular photochemical signalling that continues to modulate physiological and physiological reactions naturally by generating a nervous or neuroendocrine signal at the treatment site and this can continue for hours or days after LLLT to support autologous healing ,reduce inflammation and pain with enhanced neural and auto-..
Also known as:, Australian Institute of Laser Therapy
Primary location: Victoria Australia
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