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AirSource is proud to offer the crew pass; another "industry first" to lead the way in to VA history! Utilizing a crew pass allows our members to have a visual confirmation of their planned flights and introduce new and exciting features for us to enjoy before entering the cockpit. Crew passes can be redeemed to perform flights and keep in your collection, or they can be traded or sold to other members in a future update... AirSource is starting by introducing the "special category" crew passes and will eventually convert all divisions to using them. Some crew passes are very limited in quantity and will become instant collectables, so get yours today!... We are a team of dedicated Virtual Pilots spanning the globe. Over 1,200 Airlines have contracts with Airsource. Every day, there are Pilots that call in sick, take vacation, go on strike, or simply cannot make it to the gate on time for their flight. AirSource is here to keep scheduled Airline service uninterrupted.
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