AIR-SUR - Key Persons

Carma Y. Dougherty

Job Titles:
  • Controller
Carma brings more than 30 years of accounting and management experience to Air-Sur. Her broad professional background includes positions with an international public accounting firm, small to medium-sized service industry firms, and a national mortgage company where she managed the hazard insurance department. With a strong customer service orientation, excellent interpersonal skills, and well-rounded business acumen, she is more than just a "numbers" person.

Charlene Jones

Job Titles:
  • Administrative Support
Charlene started her career at Air-Sur, Inc in 2007 as our receptionist, bringing years of office experience from a local PBS Television station, the Volusia County Schools district office and a Chiropractic clinic. After just a few months, she transitioned into her current position as the administrative support person for the Customer Service Department. Her keen eye for detail, strong organizational skills and ability to meet agency deadlines makes Charlene an invaluable asset to the Air-Sur, Inc team.

Cheryl A. Longino

Job Titles:
  • Administrative Coordinator
Cheryl's dedication and creative approach to handling important client deadlines has made her the perfect fit for our team since 2010. She has a wide range of experience from disaster preparedness to project analysis for Florida Power & Light. Cheryl comes to us, most recently, from The News-Journal, Daytona Beach where her skills at the fast-paced, deadline driven environment will be a welcome asset for our clients.

Donna K. Alex

Job Titles:
  • Account Manager
Donna brings over 30 years of insurance experience in placing and managing large commercial accounts. Her experience in coverage analysis, price negotiations and account management, combined with her continual quest for knowledge makes Donna a valuable addition to the Air-Sur, Inc. team.

Dorothy L. Sanders

Job Titles:
  • Account Manager
Dorothy (Dotty) brings over 30 years of insurance experience in managing large commercial accounts. This, combined with an educational background in business and insurance, establishes Dotty as a strong member of the Air-Sur Account Management Team and enables her to bring highly professional and knowledgeable services to our clients.

Elaine Bush

Job Titles:
  • Customer Service Representative
Strong leadership and communication skills combined with Elaine's attention to details are what make her a standout liaison for our clients. Elaine is more than qualified to handle any challenge that comes her way with experience as an Underwriter and Vice President of Operations for Risk Placement Services in Kentucky. Along with her 25 plus years in this business, Elaine has continued her professional training in the field of liability insurance with the completion of numerous seminars and courses over the years.

Robert W. Tyler

Job Titles:
  • Account Executive
As part of the Air-Sur team since 2004, Bob's lifetime of general, corporate, and military aviation experience will make him a valuable asset to your Insurance and Risk Management program. His ability to understand the risks associated with your specific operation will enable Bob to provide you with the highest level of service while protecting your business and ensuring your future success.

Thomas K. Coughlin - CEO, President

Job Titles:
  • CEO
  • President
  • Writer
In 1976, Tom founded Air-Sur, Inc. Today the company's expertise has expanded and now specializes in insurance program building and risk management in the Aviation and Aerospace industries. From 1986 Tom expanded Air-Sur, Inc.'s focus from General Aviation Operations to Air Transport Operators, Service Companies, Component Manufacturers and Engine / Airframe Overhaul and Modification centers. Tom is a published writer for trade publications, and speaker for seminars and conventions.