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Perth, WA East Coast Penrith, NSW 1300 733
At Advanced Airbrush we are able to produce any artwork that is required on any surface. Our high quality, realistic styles will allow you to create any effect you require inside or out around the pool or in the yard. We specialise on large commercial artwork. Prices start from $1200 for a wall in childs room... Advanced Airbrush continues to lead the way in professional airbrush services, providing murals (wall art), planes, promotional vehicles, signage, customisation for private bikes and cars, and all forms of artwork in all locations on all surfaces - including professional body painting. We also offer our teaching skills, nationally and internationally to both individuals and companies. In addition, we operate an extensive supply shop exclusively for airbrush products. We don't just sell the products - we sell the correct product with professional advice from some of the top Australian airbrush artists... For all your airbrush art needs - Advanced Airbrush, located in Sydney,..
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