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1231 E. 9th Street Edmond, OK 73034
AIRPAC was started in 1981 prior to the introduction of the IBM PC. Our first aviation software program for managing Aviation Databases was implemented on an Altos system under the MP/M (a multi-user version of CP/M) operating system. This computer was at the leading edge of technology with the ability to support three simultaneous users with video terminals. Each user had a whopping 64K (that's 65,536 bytes) of RAM... AIRPAC offers traditional Mailing List services - you tell us what list you want and we produce reports, mailing labels, postcards or CSV files. Call us today with your exact criteria and we'll provide a free quote... AIRPAC has been providing aviation mailing lists, research, and programming services to the aviation industry since 1981. We continually strive to provide the best information and services and improve our software. Aviation Files adds web access to AIRPAC data files using our free iPhone App, our PlaneBaseā„¢ Software, or direct download from the Aviation..
Also known as: AIRPAC, Inc.
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