AIRIFY - Key Persons

Dominik J. Schmidt

Job Titles:
  • VP, Business Development
Dominik has 12 years of experience in engineering and management. Prior to founding Airify he was CTO of Efilm Corp, designing a wireless imager chip. Between 1997-99 Dominik was Vice President of Manufacturing at Pixel Devices, a leader in high quality mixed signal chips. Dominik was at Altera Corp between 1989-1997, developing new transistor technologies and memory architectures with Sharp, as well as a new product line in partnership with Cypress Corp. Dominik has worked as a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley Labs and the Stanford Linear Accelerator. Dominik received multiple business and technical degrees from Stanford University and UC Berkeley and has more than 20 patents granted and pending and has published several papers. He also teaches advanced analog design at UC Berkeley.

Richard Helfrich - Founder

Job Titles:
  • Founder
  • CEO, Intersemi Corporation
Mr. Helfrich has been the founder of several semiconductors companies including InterSemi, Vitesse and InterFoundry. Vitesse and InterFoundry are manufacturing companies and InterSemi is a fabless semiconductor startup. Mr. Helfrich has served on multiple boards of directors and advisors where he provides strategic planning, partnership development, and guidance on corporate governance. Besides being a founder, Mr. Helfrich has served as CEO of InterSemi and InterFoundry and in various executive positions in Vitesse. Richard operated a consulting firm that provided strategy, management, merger & acquisition and marketing consulting activities for major clients including Sun, National, Philips, and Corning. At AMD, which acquired MMI, he developed business strategy and implemented strategy with spin-offs, division closures and M&A. Mr. Helfrich started, managed, staffed and built an entire micro electronics department at Northrop that provided business development, R&D, production and customer support. Richard has taught graduate level business and marketing classes at the University of California Extension. He has an MSEE from CSULA and a BS in Physics from Occidental College.

Robert W. Sherburne Jr.

Job Titles:
  • Chief Digital Architect
Dr. Sherburne has over 20 years of industry and academic experience focusing on the design of microprocessors, graphics processors, digital signal processors, and analog sampled data systems including CCD's. During the twelve years prior to joining Airify he architected and designed graphics subsystems for SGI, including Indigo, Indy, Nintendo64 and VPro products. Prior to SGI he was with PIXAR, where he initiated and led the CMOS/ECL ASIC effort for the Pixar Image Computer. He also worked with Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. on design of a single-chip PDP-11 (T11), and at the GE Corporate Research and Development Center on CCD's. He was formerly an Assistant Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he initiated a graduate class on VLSI design for RISC microprocessors. Dr. Sherburne received his MSEE and PhD from the University of California at Berkeley, focusing on RISC microprocessor design; while at Berkeley he taught the microelectronic fabrication class and was co-designer of the RISC II microprocessor as presented at ISSCC 84 and in the IEEE JSSC October 1984.

Steven R. Sweitzer

Job Titles:
  • VP, DSP Development
Steve has twenty-two years of experience in the design and manufacture of wireless and wireline data communications equipment. His primary area of expertise is DSP algorithm development. At Airify, Steve will be responsible for the design and verification of DSP algorithms for a custom GSM/GPRS/EDGE mobile data terminal. Steve was a Co-founder of Morphics Technology and developed basic algorithms for the physical layer of GSM and IS95 wireless technology. Steve has also developed a DSP-based pair gain system compatible with V.90 modems and developed and licensed a C model for G.992.1 and G.992.2 ADSL modems. He has also worked on dozens of DSP-based data communications projects: wireline products included V.22bis, V.32, V.34, and V.90 voiceband modems and wireless products included IS54, PDC, and the MetriCom Ricochet wireless data modems. His other experience includes his tenure as modem design engineer at Hayes Microcomputer and GTE Sylvania. Steve received an MSEE from Cornell University and a BSEE from University of Vermont.

Uma Jha - CTO

Job Titles:
  • CTO
Uma has over 22 years of industry experience specializing in the communication systems architecture and systems engineering. He is internationally known for his cellular systems know-how and expertise and frequently gets invited to chair the technical sessions and deliver the lectures in the area of cellular and wireless communications all around the globe. Prior to joining Airify Communications, Uma was responsible for setting up and building up the systems team at Morphics Technology as a Director of Systems Architecture engaged in development of the reconfigurable 3rd generation (3G) cellular systems. Earlier Uma held a position of Engineering Manager at Philips Semiconductors, where he built the IS-95 (CDMA) systems team from ground up. Prior to this Uma was part of the Conexant's early wireless team and was responsible for the development of the baseband signal processing algorithms for the GSM cellular standards and ARDIS data packet radio. Uma started his career in the defense industry, where he worked as a key contributor in the area of avionics, communication and electronic warfare. He received his BSEE from Ranchi University, MSEE from CSU, Fullerton and Engineer degree (equivalent to Ph. D. without thesis option) from USC, Los Angeles. Uma is a senior member of IEEE and has several publications and has filed for several key patents in the area of 3G cellular communications.