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P.O. Box 17632 Boulder CO 80308
Airshow is the music studio provider of analog master tape transfer for Plangent Processes restoration services. Plangent processing brings unprecedented clarity and increased image depth and focus to master tapes using a proprietary technology to remove wow, flutter and other speed perturbations. We've written about the method here... Airshow offers audio mastering for all release formats including CD, downloads, DVD, DSD/SACD, Blu-ray, vinyl and MQA. Airshow's mastering engineers bring decades of experience and a passion for music to every project. We have mastered thousands of projects in a wide range of genres, for clients ranging from major labels to first-time independents... We are audio engineers who are passionate about music making and proud to bring our expertise to artists' recordings. We offer professional mastering and restoration, including MQA and Plangent technologies to take your music to a higher level.
Also known as: Airshow Mastering
Primary location: Boulder United States
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