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Aitec Beauty Clinic, 184 Gloucester Place, London, NW1 6DS
Take A moment and consider everything you subject your face to. Constant use and exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Millions of laughs, smiles, facial acrobatics, and a lifetime of talking. Uncontrollable abuse from all angles. The sun. Gravity. Cold winters. Hot summers. Tension. Makeup. Stress. And, of course, the inevitable aging process. The changes are easy to see: lines, grooves, creases, crow's feet, bags, pouches, folds and sagging skin. Suddenly you look tired and old, even though you don't feel that way at all. But thanks to Aitec IPL, it doesn't have to be that way. Aitec offers the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments designed to solve these problems... Everything we do at Aitec Beauty Clinic centered on you. We want your experience with us to be filled with compassion... At Aitec Beauty we offer a wide range of treatments from our elegant and private treatment rooms at our central London location, close to Baker Street.
Also known as: Aitec Beauty, Aitec Beauty Clinic
Primary location: London United Kingdom
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