ASC - Key Persons

Bjørg Juriks

has been a expatriate spouse and has experience in establishing her husband and family socially and at home in Oman, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Charles Cooper

Job Titles:
  • Is Director of Studies at the Norwegian School of Management
is Director of Studies at the Norwegian School of Management and has worked with cross-cultural communication for 15 years. His background includes experience from the USA, France, UK and Italy.

David Bergsaker

is a pediatrician with a diploma in tropical medicine. He was born and raised in Nepal and has many years' experience as a doctor in the tropics. Country experts and resource persons include people who have been working for companies, MFA or research centers. The content of these sessions is characterized by both country-specific issues and answers to the questions asked by the participants themselves.

Harald Frode Skram

is lecturer in History at the University of Oslo. He has extensive experience in culture relevant both for foreigners and Norwegians under the auspices of the University of Oslo, the Council of Europe and Euro-Clio.

Jørgen Hanson

is a partner in Vipe. His field includes questions of values and issues related to corruption. His focus is the practical application of basic ethical principles as an aid to making the right business decisions.

Lars-Erik Espeland

is a priest and has been employed by the Seamen's Church - The Norwegian Church Abroad for 11 years. He has experience from Hamburg, New York and as a travellingl priest in the Middle East where he has assisted Norwegians in many different life situations.

Margret Andersen

teaches in the Norwegian Secondary School and is a specialist in children and adolescents with an international background. She has worked for 20 years as a counselor for families with children who will live or have lived, abroad.

Vibeke Horn

is general manager of Vipe and holds an MA from the Universities of Oslo and Copenhagen. Within the scope of Vipe's business she is daily in contact with issues related to corporate culture, corporate responsibility and ethics. Ms Horn is the co-author of International Etiquette (Index Publishing, 2004).