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Bill It Now makes bill-paying easy by offering multiple payment options. Our service recognizes most major credit cards... What makes our lockbox smart is that unlike traditional lockbox solutions, ours is integrated into our insurance billing platform. The benefit of this is that a check won't get deposited against a cancelled account unless YOU want it to. Our lockbox automatically emails you when payment is received on a cancelled account, empowering you, not the bank, to decide if that check gets deposited. This is particularly useful when a cancelled insured is submitting payment after a loss. Further, since we operate our own lockbox, checks get deposited immediately and checks don't get lost in the black hole of a bank... We have the ability to custom design any installment plan you desire. From monthly to full pay and everything in between our system is fully scalable to offer you an installment plan that meets your needs.
Also known as: Billing Management Services, Billing Management Services, LLC
Primary location: Westbrook United States
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