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103 Ingram Road, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110 Locked Bag 2600, Archerfield BC QLD 4108
As a business, Bondor® has been at the forefront of the Australian panel industry for over 60 years. More importantly, Bondor® people individually have significant experience in manufacturing and installing panel to suit Australian conditions and to meet Australian building codes and regulations. Being an Australian business is important to us, and whilst we enthusiastically embrace lessons and new product developments from around the world, we are proud that our experience is predominantly in Australia forged in Australian conditions for Australian building requirements. Bondor® people have grown and learned the Australian building industry and will continue to do so. We have a dependable team of experienced staff across Australia. At Bondor®, we are ready to meet any challenge. Whether for a complex major project or a small do-it- yourself kit, we can develop an economical solution, combining extensive knowledge of product capabilities and customer requirements. Better still, Bondor®..
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