Around us and our vineyards, woods, meadows, local fauna and an uncontaminated landscape. For the love of the territory that hosts us, we take care of our vineyards in the simplest way in harmony with the nature that surrounds us. We are a relatively small company: this is why every decision we make is calculated, designed and aimed at having a limited and refined number of bottles. Our vineyards are small plots located in our area and each one carries with it a soul linked to the history of the place, to the most intrinsic characteristics... The earth is inheritance. We have a duty to preserve it: in 1990, to be sure of limiting the environmental impact and ensuring good phyto-sanitary protection, we immediately adopted a high density of plant per hectare... We are passionate about making sustainable choices. In our vineyards we do not use synthetic products: yes to copper and sulfur, but above all yes to infusions of equisetum, dandelion and nettle, which give us excellent results..
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