As far as offshore asset protection goes the BVI Company is able to provide this. Offshore company law in the BVI treats a BVI company as a legal entity and all shares or other assets registered with a BVI belongs to the company and this makes it difficult for outside parties to go after any the asset of any individual (shareholder or director) who has connections with the offshore company. The BVI Company laws also makes provisions for confiscation of assets by foreign government or courts allowing the BVI offshore companies to apply to the BVI court to discontinue the seizure... BVI offshore company is one of the most requested offshore services in the British Virgin Islands. A BVI offshore company can be set up form many purposes including to be used as a holding company, a trading company or simply to be used for holding assets. The BVI offshore company is supported by modern legislation; in fact the BVI offshore company legislation was changed in 2004 to provide a more efficient..
Also known as: BVI Company, The BVI Company
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