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Two PPG Place Suite 400 Pittsburgh, PA 15222-5402
Our reputation is built on what comes most naturally to us - establishing trust. For over a century clients have turned to us because they know they can expect honesty, integrity and unselfish commitment to getting the work done. Trust stems from the way we conduct ourselves in each aspect of the case and how we relate to our clients, other members of our firm and opposing counsel. We are known as a different kind of law firm comprised of people who are genuine, well-rounded, and personable - just like you... At Dickie McCamey, we strive for long-term relationships, not only with our clients, but with our lawyers and staff. Our client relationships, many of which span decades, are the result of trust earned by the delivery of effective legal services, based on candor and experience. By working with our clients over the long term, we develop a deep understanding of their business, their approach to legal services, and where they ultimately want to be. These relationships result in the..
Also known as: DMC Steubenville
Primary location: Pittsburgh United States
Associated domains: dickie.com, pghattorneys.com
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Aaron M. Ponzo, Adam J. Warhola, Albert P. Veverka, Amee L. Mazzarese, Amy J. Brinkos, Ann Michailenko Wilson, Anthony J. Rash, Anthony W. Jesko, Barbara Y. Strnad, Benjamin J. Martin, Benjamin M. Basista, Brett W. Farrar, Bridget K. Sasson, Bridget L. Baranyai, Bryon R. Kaster, Charles E. Haddick, Charles G. Brown, Christopher D. Stofko, Christopher J. Watson, Christopher T. Lee, Danielle R. DeRosa, Dennis A. Watson, Derek M. Brondou, Dorothy T. Daly, Douglas M. Grimsley, Edward M. Vavro, Effie G. Alexander, Forrest A. Norman, Francis J. Klemensic, Frederick W. Bode, III, George P. Kachulis, Grant W. Cannon, Gregory C. Michaels, J. Brian Lynn, J. David Ziegler, J. Lawson Johnston, J.R. Hall, James R. Andrzejewski, Jeffrey H. Quinn, Jeffrey J. Wetzel, Jeffrey R. Hantz, Jeffrey T. Wiley, Jesse J. Zirillo, Jessica A. Reese, John C. Conti, John R. Seeds, Joseph J. Golian, Joseph L. Luvara, Justin M. Gottwald, Kathryn A. Morrow, Kristen Hock, Kristin L. Wedell, Lisa D. Dauer, Martin R. Jernigan, Mary Barley-McBride, Mary McWilliams Dengler, Maureen Kowalski, Max T. Busatto, Melissa M. Barr, Melvin F. O'Brien, Michael A. Sosnowski, Michael D. Bergonzi, Michael J. Sweeney, Michael K. Willison, Michael P. Flynn, Michael S. Faber, Michael W. Ballance, Michele F. Eagle, Nancy R. Winschel, Nathan J. Gruz, Paul J. Schumacher, Peter T. Stinson, Piero P. Cozza, R. Leland Evans, Rebecca J. Maziarz, Richard C. Polley, Richard J. Federowicz, Robert G. Del Greco, Robert J. Marino, Rodger L. Puz, Ronald J. Brown, Ryan S. Welsch, Sally A. Frick, Scott D. Clements, Shannan NoƩ Cerrone, Stephen M. Houghton, Steven L. Ettinger, Steven W. Zoffer, Susan H. Briggs, Tara Hopper Rice, Theresa A. Folino, Tiffany F. Turner, Timothy J. Chiappetta, Timothy R. Stevenson, Timothy S. Groustra, Vaughn K. Schultz, Vincent Scaglione, W. Alan Torrance, William D. Clifford, William J. Smith, William R. Adams






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