DRAGUN - Key Persons

Alan Hahn

Job Titles:
  • Business Development Manager Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies, Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management, Environmental Professional, Author
With undergraduate and graduate education in the environmental field, Alan clearly understands the big-picture environmental issues facing the regulated community. With a passion for business development, Alan provides internal guidance and training for the technical staff to help them translate their exceptional technical knowledge into practical solutions for our clients. To read more about Alan, click here.

Christopher ParÄ—

Job Titles:
  • Senior Environmental Advisors
As with many of Dragun's senior environmental advisors, Chris has spent most of his career with Dragun. His career path has covered a multitude of environmental projects, including a precedent-setting project that culminated in a favorable Michigan Supreme Court ruling. Chris' experience includes underground storage tank closures, landfill investigations, groundwater supply evaluations, contaminant investigations, and environmental permitting for livestock operations. Regardless of the issue, Chris brings the same passion and practical application of the geological sciences to the understanding of site conditions. Chris is also a frequent author and has written articles for several publications in the United States and Canada. Chris' focus is on finding solutions for his clients, and his dedication has paid dividends. As way of example, one project where Chris was the senior advisor, his client battled misguided state regulators all the way to the State Supreme Court. With Chris' thorough assessment and understanding of the groundwater, which included several co-mingled plumes, his client won a significant seven figure settlement against the State. On another project, Chris used his hands-on regulatory knowledge to guide one of the nations' most influential agricultural organizations to find a solution to a significant environmental regulatory challenge Expertise: Decommissioning activities and remedial investigations of petroleum sites, industrial facilities, dry cleaners, and chemical and petrochemical facilities; Phase I ESAs and Phase II ESAs and Litigation Support.

Jeffrey A. Bolin - VP

Job Titles:
  • Vice President

Khaled Chekiri

Job Titles:
  • Vapor Intrusion Specialist, Remediation Specialist
Khaled is a Vapor Intrusion Specialist and is a Professional Engineer in Michigan and a P. Eng. in Ontario. He has evaluated soil, groundwater, and indoor air at numerous sites across North America. Khaled assesses chemical migration in the saturated and unsaturated zone including "vapor intrusion" (VI), and designs optimal remediation programs. Khaled's ability to synthesize the extensive knowledge in indoor air quality, soil and groundwater contamination, and data interpretation allows him to develop efficient strategies to respond to VI issues. The goal of these strategies is to assist clients in making good business decisions in addressing the potential health and liability risks associated with VI. Khaled has spent 20 years of his consulting career with Dragun. In addition to his knowledge and experience in vapor intrusion, Khaled conducts seminars and field demonstrations relating to VI, has written technical papers on vapor intrusion, and along with Dr. James Dragun, he co-authored the reference book, "Elements in North American Soils, Second Edition."

Matthew Schroeder

Job Titles:
  • Registered Professional Engineer
  • Senior Environmental Engineer Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering, Professional Engineer, Remediation Specialist, Expert Environmental Witness, Author, Speaker
Matt is a registered Professional Engineer in six states. He provides practical solutions to seemingly complex problems, balancing the business considerations of his clients with protection of public health and the environment while meeting regulatory obligations. Matt's training at one of the finest engineering universities in the United States formed the basis for his uncompromising, thorough, and thoughtful approach to projects. His "no stone unturned" philosophy to each and every project is expected of environmental engineers, but not always delivered. Matt was fortunate because his early career path was formed by spending time performing field investigations, inspecting landfills, and observing both simple and complex tank removals and site remediation efforts. Over the last two decades, he has developed a unique ability to integrate complex soil and groundwater data to perform feasibility studies and design and implement remediation. Matt has published in international, scientific, and legal journals. With a keen eye toward detail and a customer-centric focus, Matt has won the admiration and appreciation of several long-term clients. They know Matt will provide them with the best possible advice, keeping at the forefront their objectives and concerns. He has assisted his clients with site closures, solved their environmental permitting and planning issues, counseled them on delisting petitions, represented them in regulatory negotiations and in court, and provided soil and groundwater remediation solutions. Expertise: Soil and groundwater remediation, groundwater modeling, environmental compliance, vapor intrusion evaluation, litigation support.

Michael Sklash

Job Titles:
  • Senior Hydrogeologist

Peggy Miller

Job Titles:
  • President Masters of Science in Management, Controller, Senior Accountant, Human Resources
Peggy is the President of Dragun Corporation and has been an integral part of the senior management since Dr. James Dragun opened for business in 1988. For 25 years as Vice President, she worked closely with Dr. Dragun in building the company from the ground up. Her vigilant pursuit of the best and brightest scientists and engineers since 1988 is one of the principal factors behind Dragun's extraordinary reputation. Her continued commitment to finding others who fit the Dragun culture provides a firm foundation for Dragun's future. To read more about Peggy Miller, click here.