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4601 NE 77th Avenue, Suite 300 Vancouver, WA 98662
EmpRes is 100% Employee Owned, and few long-term care, Home Health, Hospice and Home Care providers can say that! We believe our employees should share the success of our company in a tangible way. That's why we created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)... At the EmpRes Healthcare Family of Companies, we are privileged to work alongside the most giving of healthcare providers and to care for the most vulnerable members of society - including victims of violence, hatred, and discrimination. As a company, we reject all forms of intolerance. At over 5,300 employee-owners strong, we are committed to ensuring that the skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, home health, hospice, and home care providers under our umbrella continue to be a safe place for all people to provide and receive care... The moment you enter an EmpRes center, you become part of our family. We recognize the importance of caring for others, and we consider it a privilege. We are committed to..
Also known as: Cascade Valley Assisted Living, Firesteel Healthcare Center, Fountain Springs Healthcare Center, Katherine Healthcare, La Grande Post Acute, Ormsby Post Acute Rehab, Palisade Healthcare Center, Sage View Care Center, Thermopolis Rehabilitation
Primary location: Vancouver United States
Associated domains: alderwoodpark.com, americanahealthandrehab.com, aspengroveassistedliving.com, canterburyhouseauburn.com, empreshillsboro.com, frontierhealthandrehab.com, gardnervillehealthandrehab.com, heartwoodhealthcare.com, hotspringshealthandrehab.com, independencehealthandrehab.com, laurelhealthandrehab.com, livingstonhealthandrehab.com, miltonfreewaterrehab.com, mountainviewhealthandrehab.com, ncascadeshealthandrehab.com, polsonhealthandrehab.com, portlandhealthandrehab.com, royalparkhealthandrehab.com, royalparkretirement.com, sageviewcarecenter.com, sageviewrocksprings.com, seattlemedicalandrehab.com, seattlemedicalpostacute.com, sheltonhealthandrehab.com, shepherdofthevalleyrehabilitationandwellness.com, springsroadhealthcare.com, thedalleshealthandrehab.com, thermopolisrehabilitationandwellness.com, transitionalcarecenterofseattle.com, wheatcresthillshealthcarecenter.com, windsorhealthandrehab.com
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