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We are in the fortunate position that the lock down hardly affected our business at all and that we were able to carry out our activities as usual - only this time not from the office, but from home or with strictly regulated office access, minimising the risk for our valued customers as well as employees and the public. The lock down has shown us: Thanks to significant investments continuously made into our IT infrastructure and technological capabilities, efficient work from home is possible and will be maintained to a certain extent, where necessary and desired... It has long been part of our strategy to continuously invest in our IT and to promote innovation, process optimisation, security issues and, above all, digital platforms for our customers. In view of COVID-19, this has paid off and will continue to do so in the long term. Our customers were still able to gain secure insight into their affairs at any time and from anywhere... Equally, we look forward to supporting you in..
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engine_pro April 26, 2017
Hi, all. Never work with this company! It's Swindlers. I know few guys who were cheated from ALexander Korolkov (President of this company). I can provide all document and describe all situation step-by-step. Plz contact me (skype): engine_pro