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275 Battery Street Suite 2000 San Francisco, CA 94111
Gordon & Rees is celebrating its one-year anniversary of becoming the first law firm with an office in all 50 states. This unique milestone enables us to provide our clients with seamless service nationwide... In 2019, Gordon & Rees became the first and only law firm in the nation's history to open offices in all 50 states. It now stands as the 24th largest firm in the United States comprising more than 1,000 lawyers and over 50 different practice and industry groups in more than 65 national offices located throughout the country. However, despite this exceptionally rapid expansion, we have nonetheless maintained our excellent culture as well as a keenly focused commitment to client service throughout... A lot has changed in the legal and business worlds since Stu and Don first began practicing law together in 1974. But what will always remain a constant is our focus on our clients, our people, and our commitment to professional excellence. On behalf of all the dedicated and talented..
Also known as: Gordon & Rees, Gordon & Rees Advises Adams Manufacturing Corp., Gordon & Rees Honored, Gordon & Rees LLP, Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP
Primary location: San Francisco United States
Associated domains: gordonreesphx.com, josephgoodman.com
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Allison L. Jones, Allison R. Ross, Amber A. Eklof, Ana R. Hartman, Anastasia F. Osbrink, Andrea K. Scripps, Andrew J. Deddeh, Andrew K. Lavin, Angela L. Flood, Ann C. Purvis, Ashley Amanda Beck, Azniv Darbinian, Benjamin A. Mains, Blair K. Walsh, Bradley M. Tanner, Brian H. Myers, Brittney B. Rykovich, Bryan A. McBurney, C. Erin Friday, Candice S. Nam, Catherine A. Salah, Catherine W. Delorey, Cecily J. McLeod, Chad Saunders, Chantel C. Wonder, Chirag H. Patel, Christina R. Spiezia, Christine A. Stickley, Christine M. Wheatley, Christopher A. Kanjo, Christopher J. Weber, Courtney A. Nichol, Daniel S. Kubasak, Devin C. Courteau, Douglas J. Van Blarcom, Edward Romero, Elina Geykher Wineburgh, Elizabeth A. O'Brien, Emerson H. Kim, Eric D. Sentlinger, Erin House, Fernando A. Vicente, Frank C. Gradishar, Garrett M. Fahy, Gene F. Williams, Geoffrey L. Squitiero, Glen R. Powell, Glenn B. Coffin, Greg Gruzman, Gregory T. Hanson, Heather-Ann T. Young, Ian M. Cha, James A. Lawson, Jan K. Buddingh, Jane A. Rothbaler, Jason W. Suh, Jennifer J. Kellar, Jennifer Y. Ro, Jessica L. Meeks, Judith A. Cregan, Julia C. Glasgow, Kara D. Keister, Karen L. Culton, Karen M. Shimonsky, Katherine P. Vilchez, Kathryn K. Hull, Keane E. Aures, Kevin E. Whelan, Kevin Liu, Krista Easom, Kristin A. Blocher, Laura G. Ryan, Linda Lourimore Nusser, Lindsay C. David, Lindsey M. Romano, Lisa G. Schlittner, Lori N. Brown, Lyndy Stewart, Maria C. Granjean Joins, Maria Solomon-Williams, Marissa Dellacroce, Mary M. Curtin, Melissa Hursey Ortiz, Melissa J. Kendra, Melissa M. Fairbrother, Michael A. Dubin, Michael J. Wright, Michael P. Bryant, Montoya M. Ho-Sang, Nicholas A. Deming, Nicholas J. Daly, Nicholas R. Colletti, Nicole T. Lomibao, Nima Nayebi, Nora C. Bloom, Pamela J. Silk, Pamela Y. Ng, Patrick F. Moran, Paul W. Lore, Peter Choi, Peter Lagasse, Peter M. Geckeler, Probal G. Young, R. Scott Sokol, Rachel A. Weitzman, Rachel D. Salvin, Rachel Wintterle, Raymond J. Muro, Rebecca J. R. Marsden, Richard R. Ames, Richard S. Chon, Robert M. Barrack, Roberta Burnette Elliott, Robin L. Krutzsch, Russell M. Mortyn, Sandy K. Hanson, Sat Sang S. Khalsa, Scott M. McLeod, Sheila M. Melo, Simrandeep S. Tiwana, Sonia J. Taylor, Stacy L. Moon, Stephen M. Frayne, Steven B. Bitter, Steven R. Inouye, Stuart E. Cohen, Tamar Karaguezian, Tatiana Dupuy, Tiffany Lee, Todd Nelson, Tom A. Wiseman, Tracy W. Costantino, Trina M. Clayton, Tyler Duff, Vernice T. Louie, Vernon Phillip Hill IV, Vick K. Mansourian, Victoria T. Kajo, William M. Dunn

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