GRUSKIN - Key Persons

Bob Lyons

Job Titles:
  • Director, Marketing Services Executive Director
  • Marketing and Design Specialist
Bob, a marketing and design specialist for over 25 years, has been creating marketing and design solutions for businesses that continue to build brand equity. He has created solutions for clients such as Viacom, Dairyland, Serino Coyne Inc., HBO, Boston Properties, ESG Insignia, Mac Lowe Properties, Columbia House, BMG, Double Tree Hotels, TVT Records, Stamford Center of the Arts, and Spring O'Brian and Co.

Ed James

Job Titles:
  • Technical Director, Industrial Design
Ed is a licensed architect in New Jersey with more than 15 years experience in a vast range of architecture, prototyping and model making projects. A renaissance architect, he maintains a very hands-on approach to design and problem solving. Education Bachelor of Architecture, New Jersey Institute of Technology Ed specializes in projects requiring innovative fixture designs including furniture, window displays, customized retail and service modular kiosks, and dialogue stations. His industry experience includes retail, financial, and residential engagements. He manages a team that has negotiated over 250 locations with property management companies in order to maintain corporate kiosk design standards.

Jeff Barcan

Job Titles:
  • Director, Creative Services
Jeff has created dynamic, brand-building retail environments and fixtures that are creative, graphic in nature, and functionally integrated. He has won several Design, Technical Merit and Print Excellence awards from the Association of Graphic Communications. Education Bachelor of Fine Arts, Architecture and Visual Communications, Pratt Institute Jeff has been a branding and design specialist for over 25 years. He has been creating design systems and marketing collateral materials for clients such as Disney, Microsoft, McGraw Hill, Scholastic, New York Times Magazines, Cushman & Wakefield, Jones Lange LaSalle, Brit Rail, Emirates, CBRE, United Way, ING, Time Warner, and Reed Elsevier.

Joel Shulman

Job Titles:
  • Principal of Architecture / Executive Director
  • Principal of the Architectural Division
As Principal of the Architectural Division, Joel is responsible for all aspects of design and production for residential, commercial and retail projects. Joel has been working in the architectural field for over 30 years; he has extensive experience in construction, mechanical and electrical systems, building codes, structural design and ADA compliance. During this time he has managed projects from small-scale residential to large-scale commercial and national retail work.

Kenneth A. Gruskin

Job Titles:
  • Principal
Ken founded Gruskin Group and has over 30 years of design and architecture experience. He has a wide range of clients in the wireless telecommunications, specialty retail, restaurant, entertainment, insurance, financial, pharmaceutical, museum, real estate, residential, and non-profit industries. His work and articles have been published in numerous publications, both national and international. He has been a guest on CNN TV, Bloomberg TV & Radio, and NJ News TV, and is currently a member of the ARE DREAM Team. He has won many awards for his architectural work, graphic design, and photography.