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Jordan- Amman- Jabal Al Husain- Tayseer Thibian Street- Building no. 8 SECTION 3 - DISCLOSURE
Al-Joman Consultancy is a Jordanian Consulting firm, which is considered as one of the pioneering companies in the local, Arab and international market in terms of providing high quality of consultancy services such as business solutions and consulting. Al-Joman Consultancy was established in 2007 by a distinguished team of experts in order to provide business consultations and business solutions for organizations according to international best practices. Today, Al-Joman Consultancy services are considered as one of the strongest and competent services, which have achieved client's expectations in a record time... Our base of clients, whether in public or private sector, have expanded and diversified over the last years to exceed the local market reaching regional market with over than 100 projects, which have been successfully accomplished and that led to tangible results for the business sector in terms of increased productivity and efficiency, reduce production costs and achieve..
Also known as: Al-Joman Consultancy
Primary location: Amman Iraq
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