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5925 Airport Road, Suite 110, Mississauga, ON. L4V-1W1 Canada
Kales Airline Services is an independent company dedicated to selling cargo and passenger products on behalf of airlines worldwide. Kales Airline Services is committed to the smooth and timely transportation of passengers and cargo and to promoting airlines' growth. Kales Airline Services stands for involvement, inspiration and unparalleled service in every direction. Kales Airline Services derives authority from expertise, ingenuity, passion and professionalism and aims to become the partner of choice in the global GSSA business. Kales Airline Services offers short leadtimes and remarkable reliability... With our pro-active flexible market approach, we provide you with instant access to the right decision makers. Advanced Market intelligence allows us to keep you up to date on the latest developments in each individual market. Our passion for cargo will help us reach our ambitious targets together... From Los Angeles to Rotterdam. From Oslo to Melbourne. Within our global network we..
Also known as: Kales Airline Services, Kales Airline Services GmbH, Kales Airline Services Inc., Kales Airline Services India Pvt Ltd, Kales Airline Services Ltda., Kales Airline Services Pvt. Ltd., Kales Group
Primary location: Mississauga Canada
Associated domains: kales.biz, kales.ch, kales.dk, kales.eu, kales.fi, kales.fr, kales.info, kales.it, kales.lu, kales.nl, kales.no, kales.se
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