Aaron Skilton - CEO

Job Titles:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Member of the Management Team
Aaron was appointed to lead the team as Chief Executive Officer in April 2022 and is responsible for the operations and performance of Liberty Financial New Zealand and the Mike Pero Group. Aaron has a strong history of management in the financial sector, having previously led the team at New Zealand Home Loans as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to this, he held roles as Chief Distribution Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. Earlier in his career, Aaron also managed teams at Greenstone Inc, Marsh and Sovereign Insurance.

Anne Bastian - CHRO

Job Titles:
  • Chief People Officer
  • Member of the Management Team
Anne has been responsible for growing Liberty's diverse, high quality team from the company's early days. She is also responsible for the design, implementation and management of all HR policies and procedures. Prior to joining Liberty, Anne held the position of Group Human Resources Manager for Infosentials. She has provided similar expertise to Vectus and LibertyOne and has worked as an HR Consultant for ANZ Bank and Esanda Finance. Anne has a Bachelor of Business from Victoria University of Technology, Australia and a Graduate Diploma in Management from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Lynne Jordan - Chief Risk Officer

Job Titles:
  • Chief Risk Officer
Lynne oversees Liberty's Risk team, responsible for many of the policies and procedures used by the group across its various businesses. Prior to this role, Lynne was responsible for the group's customer service and account management practices. Before joining Liberty, Lynne worked with Ford Credit for over 20 years in Australia and internationally. Her most recent positions were Ford Group Treasurer, Australia and New Zealand, and Director of Operations, Ford Credit Australia. Lynne has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Sherman Ma

Job Titles:
  • Director
  • Executive Director of Liberty
Sherman is an Executive Director of Liberty and is involved with its operations across Australia and New Zealand. Sherman was previously a Fixed Income Analyst with Credit Suisse and an Associate in the Financial Institutions Group with McKinsey & Company. Sherman has an MBA from the Wharton School and was the recipient of the Management and Technology award for Economics and Operations Research from the University of Pennsylvania.