Doug Dely

Job Titles:
  • Experienced Creative and Marketing Director With a Demonstrated History of Working in the Media Design and Production Industry
After attending the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, where he studied art direction and design, Doug became involved in graphics, advertising, and marketing on a professional level. Prior to this time, he served in the military with NATO forces in Greece and with the Joint Military Services and Defense Attaché in Vietnam. As time went by, he became involved in all aspects of advertising and marketing for both retail and business-to-business clients. Doug has worked throughout the Metro Detroit Area providing small business and retail accounts with graphic design, direct marketing, and video production services. In 1985, Doug founded Creative Associates in Grosse Pointe, Michigan as Creative and Marketing Director. In this capacity he successfully reorganized sales and marketing departments for several companies by developing sales and corporate communications programs, sales and training materials, and marketing fulfillment programs. Contracts often ended with Dely hiring sales and marketing executives to continue the various programs he developed. In addition to marketing and sales activities, Doug also developed a complete back office system, which includes order entry, fulfillment, inventory, procurement and billing. Going back to his roots, in 1998 Doug founded Mania Interactive to work on graphic design projects while concentrating on HTML, JAVA and other coding disciplines for Website design and layout. This time was also spent on developing Web hosting support services. Doug actively consults on projects primarily involving marketing and design work for Mania's diverse customer base, including Web-based and interactive multimedia programs. He is very excited to have the opportunity to work on projects requiring the full range of his graphic, marketing and technical skills.