Malone Condos is truly a family operated and owned business. We began in 1997 when William "Elbert" Matthews decided to buy a condo at St. Phillip's Place located in Downtown Charleston South Carolina for his daughter, Laura M. Newkirk, who was attending the College of Charleston. He bought it as an investment opportunity. At the very same time, Elbert's Mother-In-Law, Mrs. Mary Malone, decided it would also be a great investment opportunity and she bought a few condos at one time. Each year Mrs. Mary Malone continued to buy up more and more condos in the Charleston area. Mrs. Malone managed the condos on her own with some assistance from her family for 10 years, until she retired for medical reasons in 2007. In 2007 Mrs. Mary Malone's daughter, Linda M. Matthews, began managing the condos full time with assistance from her daughter, Laura M. Newkirk. Throughout this time the family continued to buy more and more condos in the Downtown Charleston area as they enjoyed providing upscale..
Also known as: Malone Condos, LLC
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