For many years we have accumulated information about our hardware and software projects at various websites, such as those for NEMO, STARLAB, and GRAPE, three projects that started in the late eighties. By the end of the year 2000, we decided to acquire our own domain name, At first we simply used this site to provide pointers, but we intend to provide a more structured set of guides to the various projects we are involved in. We will try to update these introductory pages frequently... The MANYBODY web site offers the open source software environments NEMO and STARLAB, for setting up, running, and analyzing large-scale simulations in stellar dynamics, along with the PARTIVIEW visualization package. We also provide links to the GRAPE (GRAvitational PipelinE) project, creating special purpose hardware for stellar dynamics, at speeds approaching 100 Teraflops... The aim of this web site is to present a convenient entry point for various activities related to our..
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