Chris Mallary

Job Titles:
  • Flooring Sales Specialist ( the Closer )
Chris is one of two sales people here at Mallary Carpet. He bringsover 10 years of retail experience to the sales floor with an uncanny knack of fitting economical sense and style to your wish list. He enjoys walking and biking (everywhere).

Danny Hyatt

Job Titles:
  • General Manager ( Neo )
Danny came to us from the big box management ring and has been heading up our All Star Staff for 15 years now.

Ervin Bryant

Job Titles:
  • Flooring Sales / Quality Control ( the Wearer of Multiple Hats )
Ervin comes to us from the installation side of the business with over 30 years of being an installation technician. His favorite saying is "I just work here bro."

James Mallary

Job Titles:
  • President and CEO ( Flooring Jedi )
Jim started the company over 30 years ago, with no previous business experience and the belief that you should treat people as you wish to be treated. To this day Jim is very involved in the day to day operations. He employs 11 people, which he considers to be family. He believes in paying it forward and it is evident that this philosophy has worked well in all of his business ventures.

Matt Mallary

Job Titles:
  • Lead Certified Cleaning Technician ( MacGyver )

Michael Mallary

Job Titles:
  • CFO ( Oz )
Michael is the man behind the curtain and is generally considered the voice of reason. He is a certified Master Textile Cleaner and keeps the company books straight. He is very much involved in the community, church, cub scouts and family. He is self-admitted, "a man of many trades, master of one."