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MazaCAM is an advanced programming system for the Mazak CNC machine tools. But what does that mean exactly? It means that in addition to the conventional method of programming a Mazak (on the control), you can program your Mazaks in the comfort of your office, or even on the road. This in itself is only a small fraction of the capabilities and features of MazaCAM, these are some of the reasons why MazaCAM is an advanced programming system... For over fourty years, SolutionWare Corporation has been providing full-featured, easy-to-use CAD/CAM solutions to machine shops and plants the world over. In addition to the new MazaCAM, SolutionWare has developed GeoPath, Mill module, Lathe module, EDM module, Fabrication CAM, PowerCAM and Solid Verify... What if it were possible to utilize your CNC-machines a bit better to get more parts out the door? By analyzing the production flow, we have evolved a different way of looking at things that can mean your CNC-machines in production cutting..
Also known as: SolutionWare Corporation
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