The program title Market Detective is meant to suggest that it is a Technical Analysis charting program, whose purpose is to analyze the evidence and provide specific trading signals based on prior and current market movement evidence. It is being sold here by Microforce, which is a sole proprietor business owned and operated by me, George Damusis. I am a senior software developer who has been programming Microsoft Windows applications since late 1987 when Windows 1.01 was just launched by Bill Gates. From 1979 to 1985 I worked as an assembly language and Basic language operating system utilities programmer for Jacquard Systems, and then Epson. My duties for Epson included tech support for their CPM notebook computers and utilities programming. I also wrote an assembly coded user interface for the 7220 graphics chip in their QX-10 desktop. In 1985 I developed the original version of the Market Detective stock and commodity charting program in the Basic language. It was then marketed..
Also known as: market detective
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