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PO Box 19777 Mbombela, 1200 South Africa 94 Columbus Street, Steiltes Mbombela
We are gratified that the World Bank supported development of a revised draft Memorandum of Understanding, which MCLI was able to present to the three corridor governments, is a process that will continue despite our absence. The SADC Secretariat will continue to work as the facilitator and while the ratifications through Parliament may take a while, the signing of the MoU requires, as part of the agreement, to establish a corridor management institution which we hope will have the balance of public and private sector role players that have characterised the nuts and bolts of MCLI's daily workings since inception. It will be, again, the responsibility of the private sector to ensure that they are adequately represented in the institutional arrangements and operation of the new Corridor Management Institution resulting from the MoU... The rest is history. Volumes through the corridor have grown exponentially since MCLI's inception, with a record 19,5million ton throughput via Port..
Also known as: Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative
Primary location: Columbus South Africa
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