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Market Sense 6 Graham Street, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9LG
Working as a ‘Suit' at J Walter Thompson Ad Agency gives you a broad base of learning and a hunger to learn more. I learned from some very clever people and have kept on learning, using and refining these skills, nurturing them into a bag of tricks we at Market Sense like to call our grass roots marketing mix. Sow the seed, feed and water, let it grow, harvest results... The very first website I worked on was for the dairy farmer market - selling bulls. The second was for antiques and furniture house ‘John Young Furnishings of Keswick'. It was a great opportunity to work on branding, photography, copy, SEO and to work with web designers. The site has been running for a number of years and still looks timeless - but as always with Google, there's work to do. Market Sense can help prepare the brief, find the right designer and support with Search Engine optimisation. Words matter - so do pictures - so does Google!... Marketing from the heart of Cumbria, Tracey Errington (that's me)..
Primary location: Penrith United Kingdom
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