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Major cities in Italy include the capital city of Rome as well as Milan, and Venice. In the lively city of Rome, visitors can experience the maniacal taxi drivers and ubiquitous espresso shops as well as ancient ruins of the Colosseum and the Roman forum. Many visitors to Rome also go to see the State of the Vatican City, the smallest independent nation in the world, which sits on the west bank of Rome's River Tiber... Milan, situated in northwest Italy, is a leading commercial and financial center, with an accent on fashion and design-oriented enterprises. Venice, situated in northeastern Italy on the Adriatic Sea, is a crowded city of canals and picturesque old neighborhoods and palaces. Tourists throughout Italy can experience their fair share of impressive ruins that date back to the Roman empire, as well as some of the world's most well-known art... This Italy map site features printable maps and photos of Italy plus Italian travel and tourism links.
Also known as: Map of Italy
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