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46/A 34930 Sultanbeyli - Istanbul / Turkey
Norm Hydrophore Pump is a brand name being demanded by customers with its high quality and wide choice of products. The product groups include Single Stage Volute Casing Centrifugal Pumps, Single Stage Monoblock Centrifugal Pumps, Double ( split case ) pumps, Thermal - oil Pumps with Air Cooled, Horizontal Multi Stage Centrifugal Pumps, Vertical Multi Stage Centrifugal Pumps, Fire Extinguishing Pumps. And new Norm Hydrophore Pump models will be released in near future to meet the increasing demand of the customers. The new models will be notified to the clients... Norm Hydrophore Pump provides exact solutions in fire fighting by system - based - delivery of hydrant, fire cabinet and sprinks which comply NFPA 20 Fire Boosters Systems having suitable jockey pump integration, automatic testing, sound - light alarming, communication with automation center, control panel and armature fittings... About Our Company
Also known as: Norm
Primary location: Istanbul Turkey
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saeedreza.afshar April 25, 2022
Dear Madam/Sir About a month ago, our company purchase a pump from this manufacturer. not only the pump has no spare part book/manual (you can not find them on the official website as well), but also they did not give us any final invoice( which can make some financial issues for our company). be aware about these points then order/ request any goods from this manufacturer because they are respectful about their goods after selling them.