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119 S Main St Ste 544 Memphis, TN 38103-3815
PTAC Inc was founded in 2007 to provide hoteliers around the nation with a large selection of new and reworked PTAC Units. As we grew our reach expanded to include apartments, universities and almost any kind of building in need of PTACs. Eventually, we began performing nation-wide installation and removal of PTAC units in addition to the sale of units... This evolution has led us to where we are today. Our primary focus these days is on providing the largest selection of PTACs available anywhere - combined with the most comprehensive catalog of PTAC related information. Over the years we've learned a bit about what matters to our customers during the purchase, installation and life cycle of a PTAC. The "PTAC Academy" is our way of providing this information and more to you for free... We don't think about the comfort of climate control until it's too hot, too cold, too humid, or too noisy. At PTAC Inc., we bring comfort straight to your door and work with you to ensure it is..
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