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Suite #187, Old Madras Road K. R. Puram, Bengaluru - 560 049 Karnataka, India
QSC, LLC is a leading manufacturer of power amplifiers, loudspeakers, signal processing, digital signal transport, and computer control systems for professional audio markets worldwide... For over 50 years, QSC has developed the technology and solutions that power immersive cinema, live performance audio, themed entertainment experiences, and digital collaboration and meeting experiences across the globe. A globally recognized innovator in the design, engineering and manufacture of category leading high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, audio processors, digital cinema solutions, and the Q-SYS™ software-based audio, video and control Ecosystem. QSC thrives where enabling technology and audio-visual experiences intersect. We've earned the trust of our customers and partners worldwide with our award winning sales, service, and support teams, and always delivering high performance, highly reliable, scalable and flexible solutions for professional installed..
Also known as: QSC Asia, Ltd., QSC EMEA GmbH, QSC Netherlands BV, QSC UK & Ireland Ltd., QSC, LLC
Registration numbers: 91 051 557 905 (W)
Primary location: Bengaluru India
Associated domains: beyondmixing.com, intrinsic-correction.com, intrinsiccorrection.net, nowyouhearus.com, qsc-cinema.com, qsc-cinema.net, qsc-spain.com, qsc.ae, qsc.co.at, qsc.com.ua, qsc.me.uk, qsc.net.nz, qsc.org.nz, qsc.pt, qsc.ru, qsc.tw, qscaudio-spain.com, qscaudio.biz, qscaudio.co.at, qscaudio.co.il, qscaudio.co.in, qscaudio.co.uk, qscaudio.com, qscaudio.com.mx, qscaudio.com.pk, qscaudio.in, qscaudio.info, qscaudio.jp, qscaudio.lt, qscaudio.mobi, qscaudio.net, qscaudio.net.nz, qscaudio.org.uk, qscaudio.pk, qscaudio.pt, qscaudio.ro, qscaudio.se, qscaudio.sg, qscaudio.tw, qscaudio.us, qscaudioproducts.com, qscaudioproducts.net, qscaudioproducts.tw, qsccinema.com, qsccinema.net, qsccinema.us, qsceducation.com, qscholdings.com, qscholdings.net, qscmixing.com, qscmixing.net, qscmixing.us, qscplayoutloud.com, qscq-sys.com, qscredtag.com, qsctraining.com, ultradigitaltech.net, uslinc.com, uslinc.us
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