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Neugasse 12 CH - 6300 Zug Switzerland
The Swiss Association of Trust Companies (SATC) was established in July 2007 in an effort to contribute to the professional and ethical development of the trust industry in Switzerland... SATC's purpose is to engage in the furtherance and development of trustee activities in Switzerland, to ensure high level of quality and integrity and the adherence to professional and ethical standards in the trust business in Switzerland... SATC brings together entities that are active in the trust industry in Switzerland to facilitate the exchange of know-how, information and ideas on trust related matters. It is strengthening the position of the trust industry in Switzerland by improving the reputation of trustee activities and increasing the general understanding of the trust business. SATC initiated the original proposal for the regulation of Swiss trustees, which was published in November 2015.
Also known as: Swiss Association of Trust Companies
Primary location: Zug Switzerland
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