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1428 36th Street, Suite 200 Brooklyn, NY 11218
We are pleased to announce our merger with Roth&Co, a leading accounting and financial services firm with locations in New York, New Jersey and Israel... When Abe Roth founded Roth&Co his mission went well beyond business. He knew, and everyone at Roth&Co still knows, that the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is successful affects more than just your business. It affects your whole life. Your business is how you provide for your family, secure your retirement and give back to your community. At Roth&Co we treat each client's business like it is our own. Applying our full attention and expertise to each client, we identify the individual goals and potentials of our clients and devise strategies that are true to their capabilities and vision of success. Our goal is to assure you that your business is always in the best of hands, so that your life is freed up to enjoy those moments that are beyond business.
Also known as: Roth&Co, LLP
Primary location: Brooklyn United States
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