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During 2006-2009 Gurleen Kaur was serving as the Head of a premier school in New Delhi. Her close interactions with students and parents led her to realize that the present education has huge gap between what the real world demands and the skills set that students have acquired, by the time they complete their academics... She realized our education model focused on majorly developing the IQ of the students, which accounted for only 20% of their life success, whereas the rest 80% actually depended on their Leadership, Emotional & the other Inner Intelligences... In 2009, Gurleen Kaur quit her position and established Zenith School of Leadership because she had this unstoppable calling to cater to that missing 80% in the lives of our young ones.
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singheknoor100.es August 30, 2021
Best place to grow
Lavanay mann August 26, 2021
Zenith is doing a great job
mannvaibhav92 August 25, 2021
zenith finds out your inner me
mandeepakaur August 24, 2021
Zenith is doing a great job. Congratulations to the whole team 👍🏻
gurpreet.mannat August 24, 2021
The faculty at Zenith is a true guiding light to newcomers. Awesome work👍
mannat04singh August 24, 2021
Zenith is the best place to grow and learn
navyamehra2003 August 23, 2021
Zenith helps us explore ourselves and gives us great opportunities.
Lavanya Swami August 23, 2021
Zenith helps me see my hidden talents
sargunk236 August 23, 2021
Zenith is a place that build the whole new self brings out the best in ourselves🌟
Vansh Puruswani August 22, 2021
Zenith is truly a place where progress in excellence flourishes. They want the best in individuals, leading to great skills ranging from communication to self-improvement. The empowerment and optimism from them are amazing,
Aman Sharma August 22, 2021
Zenith School of Leadership is the best place for personality development that one can go for
Mayank Swani August 22, 2021
zenith is a wonderful place for an individual to come and explore themselves this place lets you be yourself and grow both mentally and emotionally
pahuldeep.singh123 August 22, 2021
Great teachers. Worth the cost!
Jasnoor.10354 August 22, 2021
Had a great time at Zenith. The balance made by them in making the school a professional and a homely environment for the teenagers is commendable💯
Meharveen.8686 August 22, 2021
Zenith School Of leadership provides an edge that separates from rest of the 98%, and you land in 2% achievers. It is a great platform to learn grow and succeed!