We are a Research & Development Consultancy Company Since 2007, majorly into manufacturing of Customized IOT Nodes & Devices, Environment Products Cloud Servers, Website Designing & SEO, Designing of Wireless Embedded Product, Industrial Automation and Robotic Process Automation. Moreover, we also specialize in providing consultancy on Patents, journals and publications. SME also provides Research & Development Services to Industries, Companies, Research, Web Development, Universities & Educational Institutions... SME provide solutions on Atmel ATMEGA Microcontroller, Arduino, ARM processor, IoT devices, Simulation Software, AVR studio, Texas Microcontroller and launchpad with all accessories which help to interface between software and hardware. We provide self designed boards and customized kits to suits your requirements and which makes your learning easy like a technical engineer... SME provide extensive product development of IoT devices & gadgets, Embedded Solutions, Design of..
Also known as: SME Dehradun
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itsbhupendrasingh December 30, 2014
Very innovative company
itsbhupendrasingh December 30, 2014
I appreciate Schematics Microelectronics
itsbhupendrasingh December 30, 2014
Best R&D Lab for young Engineers. SME Provides Live training on wireless Embedded, Sensor Embedded, WPAN, Robotics & PLC SCADA. SME also provide Product solution & Support to industries, universities, institutions & companies to develop there products