TATVASOFT - Key Persons

Amit Makwana

Job Titles:
  • Director, Technical Operations
Amit Makwana is the Director, Technical Operations at TatvaSoft. His technology brilliance and business understanding has assisted many of our clients in on-time delivery of complex projects.

Kamal Sharma - VP

Job Titles:
  • Vice President
Kamal Sharma is a Vice President at TatvaSoft. His strong business acumen and strategy in the technology arena makes him lead our business operations department.

Manish Patel - CEO, Founder

Job Titles:
  • CEO
  • Founder
Manish Patel is the Founder and CEO at TatvaSoft. Over two decades of experience, he is known to be instrumental, visionary and holds the sole responsibility of nurturing high performing business and future technology strategies.

Nidhi Singh

Job Titles:
  • Director, Accounts
Nidhi Singh is the Director, Accounts at TatvaSoft. She leads all of key account management and operations to deliver solutions as per customer expectations. She has varied experience working with MNCs and is a graduate of IIM.

Nikunj Mehta

Job Titles:
  • Director, Business
  • Director, Canada Business Operations
Nikunj Mehta is the Director, Canada Business Operations at TatvaSoft. He looks after the Canadian region and ensures business success across the region. He has a strong expertise in acquiring customers and delivering solutions.

Nishtha Singh

Job Titles:
  • Director, UK Region
  • Director, United Kingdom
Nishtha Singh is the Director, UK region at TatvaSoft. As Director she leads our UK operations for Tatvasoft. She comes with a rich business development background managing and acquiring clients.

Shital Patel

Job Titles:
  • Vice President, Delivery Head
Shital Patel is the Vice President, Delivery Head at TatvaSoft. He is adept in managing end to end IT development, coordination, planning and integration for a variety of global projects.

Suketu Hingu

Job Titles:
  • Director, Australia Region
Suketu Hingu is the Director, Australia region at TatvaSoft. As a Director he leads our entire Australian operations for TatvaSoft. He comes with a rich technological and business background to lead.

Vijay Ratnnakar

Job Titles:
  • Director, Sydney
Vijay Ratnnakar is the Director, Sydney region at TatvaSoft. As a Director he leads our Sydney - Australia operations. He is handling account management, business development and helps organizations solve complex challenges through technology solutions.