Andrew Davis - President

Job Titles:
  • President

Bill Vaglienti - VP

Job Titles:
  • Vice President
  • Aerospace Engineer
Bill is an aerospace engineer and entrepreneur. He purchased an upper and lower unit in Telluride Lodge in 2010. The units were completely remodeled in 2011 and used for short term rental. In 2020 Bill and family stopped renting the units and moved full time to Telluride Lodge.

Dave Cordell

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Board
Dave was born in the UK. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and AA in sports recreation management. He presently lives in Kailua Hawaii and part time at Telluride Lodge. Dave has a contracting/remodeling business in Kailua Hawaii. Aloha!

Elizabeth Regan

Job Titles:
  • Physician - Researcher and Professor of Medicine at National Jewish Health
Elizabeth is physician-researcher and professor of medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver and a part time resident of Telluride Lodge. I have been coming to Telluride since 1986. I purchased by unit in Telluride Lodge in 2017 and love the community.

Ethan Alexander

Job Titles:
  • Maintenance Manager

Karyn Marolf

Job Titles:
  • Office Manager

Kevin Hogan

Kevin is an attorney based full-time in Phoenix, AZ with his wife, Rebecca, and their three children. He has worked for Carvana, an automotive retailer, for the past 7 years and leads the legal team responsible for the company's corporate governance, finance, capital markets, and M&A. Kevin and Rebecca have been coming to Telluride for the past decade and purchased an upper unit and lower unit in Telluride Lodge in 2021.

Patty McIntosh

Job Titles:
  • Secretary
Patty is a Colorado Native. She purchased her condo in 1991 for investment purposes. Following a complete renovation in 2010, she took her unit off the short term rental market to make it her permanent residence and call Telluride Lodge home. She presently works in the medical field for the Southwest area of Colorado.