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419 Battleground Ave. Greensboro, NC 27401
The Autotrends is a family owned business dedicated to a low pressure, high-quality customer service experience for both import repair and domestic repair. The Autotrends has been in the same location and supporting many of the same customers for the past thirty years! Although it is impossible for anyone to predict the costs of repairing shorts or open circuits, we can stand on experience and knowledge to offer the lowest possible repair costs. We have been in the business for 32 years as an automotive electrical repair center. In many cases we have seen a problem like the one you may be having. We have all the best available diagrams and tools to lead us to the right repair. Knowing our trade, having the tools and doing it right saves you money in the fact that we resolve many problems very quickly. Because our technicians have such good training and actually care about what they do... Autotrends is a full-service Greensboro auto repair center that provides quality auto repair and..
Also known as: The Autotrends
Primary location: Greensboro United States
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