THE FINANCIAL CLINIC - History of Changes

2019-11-04 delete person Georgette Washington
2019-11-04 update person_title Bridget Tate: Assistant Director; Assistant Director of National Accounts => Director of National Programs; Assistant Director of National Accounts; Director
2019-11-04 update person_title Valliappan Lakshmanan: Program Associate => Data and Policy Associate
2019-08-24 delete person Gloria Diaz
2019-08-24 delete person Jared Marling
2019-08-24 delete person Quinton Cannon
2019-08-24 delete person Sage Baisden
2019-08-24 insert person Georgette Washington
2019-08-24 insert person Marlene Uraga
2019-08-24 update person_title Patricia Sullivan: Manager of Training Initiatives => Assistant Director of Capacity Building
2019-07-20 insert person Andy Tuckett
2019-07-20 insert person Devin Brown
2019-07-20 insert person Elisabeth Shaller
2019-05-04 insert otherexecutives Bridget Tate
2019-05-04 delete person Laura Christensen-Garcia
2019-05-04 update person_title Bridget Tate: Manager; Manager of Service Delivery => Assistant Director; Assistant Director of National Accounts
2018-05-26 delete coo Martin D'Andrade
2018-05-26 delete otherexecutives Eduardo Beltre
2018-05-26 delete otherexecutives Jessica Wise
2018-05-26 insert otherexecutives Deena Coffman
2018-05-26 insert otherexecutives Derek Dorn
2018-05-26 insert otherexecutives Michael Beck
2018-05-26 delete person Eduardo Beltre
2018-05-26 delete person Fiona Tang
2018-05-26 delete person Jessica Wise
2018-05-26 delete person Martin D'Andrade
2018-05-26 delete person Raquel Paulino
2018-05-26 insert person Bridget Tate
2018-05-26 insert person Christine Auwarter
2018-05-26 insert person David Bautista
2018-05-26 insert person Derek Dorn
2018-05-26 insert person Justin DeBrosse
2018-05-26 insert person Michael Dedmon
2018-05-26 insert person Quinton Cannon
2018-05-26 insert person Valliappan Lakshmanan
2018-05-26 update person_title Amy Cao: Financial Coach => Manager of Service Delivery, Amy Cao
2018-05-26 update person_title Deena Coffman: Coffman Consulting LLC => Secretary / Coffman Consulting LLC; Member of the Board of Directors
2018-05-26 update person_title Michael Beck: Secretary / Goldman, Sachs & Co. => Vice Chair / Goldman Sachs & Co.; Member of the Board of Directors
2018-02-25 delete person Max Goldberger
2018-02-25 insert person Isaias Garcia
2018-02-25 insert person Laura Christensen-Garcia
2018-02-25 insert person Peter Olivier
2018-02-25 insert person Sage Baisden
2018-02-25 insert person Zoe Goodman
2018-02-25 update person_title Adam Ciminello: Executive; Coordinator => Chief of Staff
2018-02-25 update person_title Alma Rojas: Implementation Lead => Manager of Service Delivery, Alma Rojas
2018-02-25 update person_title Deena Coffman: BDO Consulting => Coffman Consulting LLC
2017-12-15 delete otherexecutives Stefan Hench
2017-12-15 delete person Clement Chan
2017-12-15 delete person Stefan Hench
2017-12-15 insert person Darren Liddell
2017-12-15 insert person Drew Furnari
2017-12-15 insert person Erica Davis
2017-12-15 insert person Fiona Tang
2017-12-15 insert person Kristen Baker
2017-12-15 update person_title Alyssa Keil: Implementation Lead => Assistant Director of Services
2017-12-15 update person_title Marlene Uraga: Program Support Associate => VITA Program Manager
2017-11-01 delete otherexecutives Paul Van Hook
2017-11-01 delete person Sasha Ostojic
2017-11-01 insert person Danielle Denisenko
2017-11-01 insert person Marlene Uraga
2017-11-01 update person_description Laura Malecky => Laura Malecky
2017-11-01 update person_title Laura Malecky: Partnership Associate => Manager of Training Initiatives
2017-11-01 update person_title Paul Van Hook: Member of the Board of Directors; Chairman / Credit => Credit
2017-09-24 delete person Karen Goodheart
2017-09-24 insert person Gina Cappuccitti
2017-08-11 update person_title Viviana Steinberg: Financial => Finance Associate; Associate With
2017-07-13 delete person Emily Petrie
2017-07-13 delete person Racquel Forrester
2017-07-13 delete person Terry Ferreira
2017-07-13 insert person Diana Parra
2017-07-13 insert person Max Goldberger
2017-07-13 update person_title Alma Rojas: Financial Coach => Implementation Lead
2017-07-13 update person_title Amy Cao: Program Associate => Financial; Financial Coach
2017-07-13 update person_title Laura Malecky: Partnership Associate / Partnership Associate; Partnership Associate => Partnership Associate
2016-10-06 delete person Rebecca Smith
2016-10-06 insert person Laura Malecky
2015-04-12 delete person Stefan Hench
2014-04-16 delete person Ambika Panday
2014-04-16 delete person Mauricio Garcia
2014-04-16 insert person Stefan Hench