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Four Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA 94111, U.S.A
UNIVA CAPITAL Group was founded in 2006 with the idea of creating a growth-oriented enterprise group through integration of multiple values. Its form can be called a "federated company group"... In other words, UNIVA CAPITAL Group is a corporate group uniting the values of each of its operating companies... Throughout the world, UNIVA CAPITAL supports corporations in realizing their full growth potential. Harnessing three forms of capital investment, financial, human, and knowledge, UNIVA CAPITAL empowers companies to formulate and implement action plans that maximize growth and profitability. By taking on company stock and working with management to promote sound business fundamentals, UNIVA CAPITAL becomes a genuine stakeholder in the corporation's drive to success.
Also known as: UNIVA (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd., UNIVA America, Inc., UNIVA Asset Management Limited, UNIVA Communications Limited, UNIVA Communications Limited & UNIVA Corporation Limited, UNIVA Corporation Limited, UNIVA Developments, LLC, UNIVA Energy Limited, UNIVA Fusion Limited, UNIVA Health Limited, UNIVA Japan Limited, UNIVA Korea Co., Ltd., UNIVA Marche Limited, UNIVA Marketing Limited, UNIVA Marketing Taiwan Co., Ltd., UNIVA NP Co., Ltd., UNIVA NP Holdings Limited, UNIVA NP Technologies Taiwan Co., Ltd., UNIVA Paycast Limited, UNIVA PAYCAST SG LTD, UNIVA Property Management Limited, UNIVA Resort, LLC, UNIVA Social Commence Inc., UNIVA Social Commerce Inc., UNIVA Social Commerce Limited, UNIVA Social Limited, UNIVA Staff Limited, UNIVA Technologies Limited, UNIVA Trade Limited
Primary location: San Francisco United States
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