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3735 Haven Avenue Menlo Park, CA, USA 94025
At Witmer Tyson Imports, we have been breeding, training, and selling German Shepherd Dogs for over 45 years. We maintain the highest breeding and training standards. Our many satisfied customers are a reflection of our philosophy in dog breeding: we strive to improve the breeding of the German Shepherd Dog and we look for a courageous and steady character, as well as excellent type, that represent the German Shepherd Dog well. On this Web site you will find more information on the different subjects of the German Shepherd Dog, law enforcement training, equipment and food, and much more. Check out the links on the bottom of this page... We have lived with, bred and raised German Shepherd Dogs for over 45 years and we are committed to the quality of the breed. We will continue to breed dogs to serve families: the type of dog that will protect their children. We will also continue to breed service dogs for the police; these are the best of all working dogs. These are dogs with real..
Also known as: Witmer-Tyson Imports, Inc.
Primary location: Menlo Park United States
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