Elvia Acosta

Job Titles:
  • Administration Service
She was born in Panama, on September 6, 1949, with experience of more than thirty (30) years in the accountable and administrative system. Staff member of WTC since 1996. Languages: Spanish and English

Joanna Morales De Salgado

Job Titles:
  • Accountant
She was born July 29th, 1968 and Graduated as an Authorized Public Accountant at the Accounting School, University of Panama she has many years of experience and is responsible for the complete accounting cycle, control of receivable and payable accounts. She joined the Company in September 2008 and she speaks Spanish and English fluently.

Larisbeth Mendoza

She was born on December 20th, 1985 and Graduated as an Executive Bilingual Secretary at the University of Panama. Larisbeth looks after the Corporate Services and is the client administrator. She joined the Company in June 2008.

Minerva Acosta

Job Titles:
  • Manager
She was born in Panama on December 15, 1962, graduated at School of Business Administration at the Santa Maria La Antigua University. Staff member since 1987, with labor experience in administrative management and consulting on Panamanian corporations and foundations. Languages: Spanish and English

Rene O. Vergara

Job Titles:
  • Office Clerk
He was born on May 24th, 1970 and qualified as a Commerce Bachelor and is responsible for the Execution of legal documentation and office clerk. He joined the company in November 2008.