We are a large retail Pharmacy operating 7 days a week in Queenstown, New Zealand. We've chosen a small selection of some of our more popular products for you to purchase via our online order store. All transactions are hosted on a secure server... Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons today continues an unbroken 150 year history of dispensing pharmaceuticals on the corner of The Mall and Rees Street in Queenstown, New Zealand. Hotops Dispensary was established on the site in 1867 and in 1920 Gordon and Hilda Wilkinson bought the business from Lewis Hotop... The pharmacy was in the Wilkinson family for three generations over 96 years until Kim and Marie Wilkinson sold the business in 2016. The current pharmacist owners Glenn Mitchell and Bronwen Judkins welcome you to Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons. As well as the products we've chosen to highlight on our web site we of course stock an extensive range of pharmaceutical and photographic products, cosmetics, fragrances, sunglasses and all those other..
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