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6000 3rd Ave. South ​Great Falls, Montana 59405
Jonas Sprinklers and Fertilizer, Inc. is just finishing its sixth year in business, two years ago we moved onto 14 acre site to allow us to grow and meet the demands of our customers. Jonas Sprinklers and Fertilizer, Inc. was started to secure the employment of a few seasoned employees that were looking to the future. With no succession plan in place at our old place of employment it was time to move on. Though Jonas Sprinklers and Fertilizer, Inc. is only six years old, I have been in the industry for 33 years. I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top as President of Ron Hall Sprinklers, Inc. which at one time was one of the largest irrigation contractors in the State of Montana. I was able to achieve this from on the job training and education... ​As far as your eye can see around the properties you own, manage or maintain, your reputation is portrayed by your landscape. A functional, safe and inviting environment impacts the value and attraction of every investment...
Also known as: Jonas Sprinklers and Fertilizer, Inc.
Primary location: Great Falls 59405 United States
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