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Lynn and Frank May 12, 2015
KELLI SUE DEBUHR is a nasty, vindictive, insecure human being! Revealing private things about a person to others and on the internet attached to their real name is abhorrent, ruthless, and she defames even her own friends, and people who are close to her. Her jewelry is a statement of cheap beads and bad karma. Shame on KELLI. If you persist in this behavior, I hope you earn yourself a place in the mental ward where you belong. LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE You nasty, ugly horrible pos
Betty W April 23, 2015
I love my bracelet I've ordered from Kelli. It was made with care, but when it broke after 5 weeks I contacted her and Kelli told me "no refunds, no exchanges." And I told her I can respect this so after some time I noticed getting calls from her. She wouldn't stop harassing me. She and I work together and told everyone I was "poor and homeless" just because I wouldn't give her money. Kelli, you're a moron, and someone who needs to be exposed to the world as you need HELP. Please leave people alone
Chris April 19, 2015
Wow, my mom ordered from her and told me she is a loser. No refunds, no nothing! Yup! Kelli wouldn't offer to exchange another piece,either. Like really? Steal $450..Who runs this type of business should be placed IN JAIL? She then continued to harass, threaten my mother. Who has the time to do this should get a life. Kelli--GO VOLUNTEER your time. You have plenty of it. Go do something PRODUCTIVE. Your negativity is getting OLD ...LIKE You are!
KelliDeBuhrSucks April 12, 2015
Worst jewelry you can purchase in your entire life from a person who loves to steal, overcharge and prey on others. Suggest ANYONE looking at this website: http://www.kellidebuhrjewelry.com to move on, browse another, get another jewelry piece some where else in Dallas. So many other cool, unique boutiques to shop at. Kelli Debuhr is a prostitute & her 50 year kindergarten reunion is coming up soon.
Jose April 11, 2015
My wife bought a bracelet here and really liked it until it came apart 2 weeks later. We contacted Kelli she told us "good luck" and we are now left w/paying over $550 for this junk. No refunds, no nothing. It's not worth your time to browse. The bracelet is made with poor quality, the beads are cheap. Kelli DeBuhr get another hobby, quit demeaning the public. No one is interested in your CRAP!
Diane and Bill W April 06, 2015
You're not a slut ?Sooo , you're like a volunteer prostitute? Jeez. Look at her home <street view> fug ugly!! Wonder why she needs to screw people ...Kelli Debuhr if you can't afford to live in a house SELL IT move on with your prostitute crap to another place like Africa
Thomas D March 30, 2015
Some people should be required to start their sentences with, "I have no clue what I'm talking about, but..." Because when her profile is pulled up this is what is found: As both a wannabe fashion stylist and producer I am able to offer a broad range of services to my clients which include but not limited to sucking men, giving blow jobs at $400/night. I sometimes even call them over where I live at 4436 N HALL ST Dallas, TX 75219. There's a lot more to this profile. UGH
Carrie W March 08, 2015
I received a promotional email offering a free necklace with $50 purchase. When I went to the website to redeem, was told that this was only valid for the first 50 customers, I told her the email never stated that and she replied telling me that she hadn't seen the email I was talking about. Clearly rehearsed. I wont go to this website: http://www.kellidebuhrjewelry.com that does not honor their promotional offers and I would not recommend this to anyone else. Awful customer service with no phone number!
D F January 03, 2015
Do you WANT to look just like everyone else? Then Kelli DeBuhr's jewerly stuff is for you. Cheap, HOMEMADE, tacky, UGLY, EXPENSIVE. All the beads you can pick up and make it yourself. OVERRATED! Otherwise, hit up some other jewelry boutique - there are tons in the same area with a way better selection of unique pieces, even just as chunky and colorful pieces.