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Our Midwest mushroom supplies range from incubation chambers to harvesting knives; Midwest Grow Kits is here to help you through every step of the process. We offer only the finest substrates and growing supplies to ensure a bountiful mushroom harvest... All of us at Midwest Grow Kits are dedicated in providing you with the absolute best mushroom growing experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in knowing that we are producing top quality products at a low affordable cost, so that anyone can venture into the magic world of mushrooms. We supply every customer with an easy to follow and in-depth grow guide which covers everything from how to set up your mushroom kit to the best and most effective way on how to grow shrooms. Have fun and enjoy your mushroom growing experience!... If you're looking to start a new hobby or develop your growing skills, pick up a mushroom kit courtesy of Midwest Grow Kits and start growing today!
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Daniel January 05, 2022
100% Success with Mega Kit -- So I am successfully past my first flush with 18 jars using the mega growing kit. I had 100% colonization of my jars following the oven method with a handheld UV-C light to help out. Many years ago I tried to grow a batch from a syringe but I failed in my due diligence and had no success. Even if you have never looked up growing mushrooms before this is the only kit you need. Instruction are provided in a well printed and detailed instruction book. My mushrooms are delicious a
William Caskey January 05, 2022
UV-Wand Sterilizer Review -- I bought this light when I purchased a mega grow kit. I used the oven method to inoculate with this light providing additional sterilization. I used the light on all my surfaces before starting, on each jar top immediately before inoculation, and on my spore syringe needle after flame heating while letting it cool. The light was wrapping in a layer of aluminum foil and wedged between my top oven rack and the top of the oven. I fully expected the light to suffer or quit workin
Karen January 05, 2022
5-grain Spawn Bags are legit! -- My 5-grain spawn bags arrived in 3 days from the time I placed the order! Professional packaging and customer service from Midwest Grow Kits. I used one bag with spores and am already seeing growth on day 7. I am Waiting for an agar plate to colonize before inoculating the other grain but I’m excited to see the difference in colonization time compared to traditional rye grain only. Thanks for delivering exactly what I expected and for a great price. Will only be ordering
Elsie Niemi January 02, 2022
Ecosphere Review -- All of the items in the kit are of good quality. The instructions for assembly are adequate but do leave some details to users' insight. I was able to achieve my desired grow temps without even reading the instructions. Really worth the money!! Buying this all separate would be almost as much!
Tammy Florio January 01, 2022
Thumbs up!! I'm an old man. Years ago, this was a hard hobby to get into. We use to have to manufacture and construct our own kits with VERY mixed results. This kit is basically foolproof...follow the step-by-step instruction and you should get more than your investment worth by the time your first cakes are expired (you'll get 2-3 flushes out of them). The old man says "Both Thumbs Up!". Good Growing!
Christopher Lucas December 30, 2021
First Time Grower Review-- I am a first time user and so I wanted to get a grow kit in order to minimize the number of errors I made. I cannot yet comment on how the grow went, because I am just in the beginning stages still. I can tell you that the kit was everything I hoped it would be and the instructions for use were thorough and easy to follow. My kit came within a week of purchase, and after some issues with FedEx being too lazy to bring the package to my door and leaving it with my complex manager
alesandrogjoni456 December 30, 2021
AGAR is perfect! I love their Agar plates. I have been buying them for last few months for all my lab work. Always clean and mycellium love it! Better than any other supplier 18. Mushroom Lighting Kit Review- Light is awesome! I picked this up after some stubborn cakes would not pin. I actually had pieced together a kit from few different suppliers last year and read a post about this light on Reddit, and yea it really is the perfect mushroom light. I had pins 3 days after plugging this in! You really ca
daniel harris December 22, 2021
Detailed Review of Mega Mushroom Grow kit -- I purchased the Mega Kit with the intention of growing mushrooms for my first time. The kit ships with everything that one would need, especially the prepared jars to inoculate your spores in. This greatly simplified my setup since the kit has everything a small scale grower would want. After watching numerous YouTube videos and reading articles, I was very much overwhelmed by the equipment and particulars needed to start. This kit allowed me to just get started
aleksxhafa729 December 17, 2021
first time trying out this Hobby and everything is coming out great better-than-expected haven't fruit the cakes that are about 75 to 80% but so far 13 jars are booming out of 18 the last five still have about two days to show signs of growth if everything goes right which I do expect from firsthand experience the little I have
andidedja596 December 17, 2021
jars and innoculated. I went to the store and purchased supplies for a second incubation chamber using this kit as a guide. Once my original set of cakes from this kit are finished flushing, the new ones should be ready to fruit. Most of what you are paying for is the substrate jars. Yes, you could save money making your own, but the convienence of not having to go through the trouble is worth the price to me. Midwest grow kits have a good track record and from my personal experience I will continue purchas
Amy Davis December 13, 2021
Purchased the Mega kit and what else can I say but “wow”. Besides the sheer size of the kit itself, while contained in the tub, pulling out the kit will leave a plethora of items. This kit leaves nothing to chance while growing mushrooms. Live in a cold area? Comes with a heat mat. Live in a dry area? Not a problem with the hydroponic humidifier and HEPA filtered line. The included paper instructions, along with the video links (which i watched several times before injections), made my first time inocul