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Off Langata Road, Karen. Mokoyeti Road West (Opp Kenol Perol Station). P.O. Box 139 - 00502, Nairobi, Kenya
The inspiration for the creation of Nairobi Place came from the treatment I received in Cape Town and the effect on my life being in a recovery program has made. Nairobi Place is a private institution and we have ambitions for our profits. We hope in the near future to be able to set up a secondary care facility or half-way house for those patients from all the rehabs in Kenya who needed an extended period of care within a therapeutic environment. We also hope to provide specialist services within the field of mental health, especially on the adolescent side. We want to be able to expand on the work we have already started to help those who are not in a position financially to receive treatment. There is so much that can be done but it is important that it is done properly... Nairobi Place aims to successfully support people to return to a happier life, free from the compulsion to use alcohol and other mood-altering substances or behaviours... We understand that a patient may have..
Primary location: Nairobi Kenya
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